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About us


Kulturverlag Polzer lives and works for the arts and culture. The co-operation with the Salzburg Festival began in 1946.

Kulturverlag Polzer´s cultural knowhow stems from the more than 50 years´ experience of Kartenzentrale Polzer, a ticket agency founded in 1946 as a family business. Over the years, the company grew to become the largest agency for theatre tickets in western Austria. In 1991, Kulturverlag Polzer, a publisher, became a further business venture of the company. Kulturverlag Polzer was spun off in 2000 when the ticket agency was sold and it is now managed by the second generation of the family, Dr Bodo Polzer.


The wish to share the enthusiasm, desire and curiosity for all the artistic impulses and accents that emanate from the Salzburg Festival with the guests of the Salzburg Festival via a medium led to the publishing of magazines for the Salzburg Festival. The combination of the highest of standards and a casual approach to artists, trailblazing creators of art and culture and prominent attendees immediately found a substantial audience of readers.

The portfolio of the Festival magazines SALON and INSIDE FESTSPIELE DAS PROGRAMM was extended in 2006 by the arts and culture magazine INSIDE HIGHLIGHTS, which also aims to whet readers´ apppetite for the arts and stage events in Austria by means of captivating interviews, elaborate photo series and recommendations for artisitic highlights.

Culture Guide

This online event calendar provides information about alluring stage events in every genre and excellent exhibitions in Austria. Thanks to sorting options, events can be displayed according to date, place, genre and artist, which makes finding personal favourites simple.



 Since 2005, a number of selected titles have been published, ranging from the updated version of „Gründliche Violinschule“ (Fundamental Principles of the Violin) by Leopold Mozart and photo-books by Marianne, Princess zu Sayn-Wittgenstein to the Edition Daniell Porsche in support of the Paracelsus School in St. Jakob.

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